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MARKHAM, Ont. – Siblings Suraj and Reetu Gupta announced the launch of Rogue Insight Capital Ltd. in support of start-ups across various industries, including real estate.

The venture is backed by The Gupta Group, a private hotel-development firm and commercial and residential developers. Rogue Insight Capital currently manages investments across three continents and is actively seeking new opportunities. The new venture looks to support start-ups in various areas, including cleantech, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, mining and metals, healthcare and biotechnology.

With a multi-million dollar capital investment pool under management, the company provides funding and mentorship, facilitates strategic partnerships and offers a robust support network to some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

Suraj and Reetu Gupta, who currently hold C-suite positions with The Gupta Group and Easton’s Group of Hotels, will be actively engaged as angel investors, delivering their extensive business expertise to the various companies in which they invest.

“Our goal is to identify visionary entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas, provide them with the financial and business resources they need to grow, then change the world with some truly revolutionary products and services,” says Suraj Gupta, Rogue Insight Capital co-founder, president and CEO.

To help create the conditions for success, the firm is embracing a long-term investment approach as it seeks to find, fund and coach dynamic young companies from their inception through growth and eventual exit.

Rogue Insight Capital Ltd. Launched to Support Start-Ups

Rogue Insight Capital Ltd. Launched to Support Start-Ups

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